Guy Cohen

Today's Bull Flags - Lots of them!

by Guy Cohen 19. March 2018 02:22

In today's OVI Market Review I'm highlighting a number of bull flags that are showing up right now with persistent OVI readings.  

During the video I reveal the process, from seeing that there are an unusual number of bull flags in the OVI Private Club Dashboard, to then using a simple filter in FlagTrader to trim the number of candidates down to a manageable number in just a click.  

That process on its own is just a few minutes to highlight my kind of stocks.  

Also, just to cap it off I have shared the results of that simple filter with you in your Flags folder of your OVI Watchlist tab, and then in the video I highlight the neater patterns among that group, including STX, STZ and a few others. 

Also, for those coming to Miami, check your emails from last week as I've sent you a homework assignment so you're fully prepared.  Just a few weeks to go on that, which is very exciting!  

Bye for now ...

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