Guy Cohen

Market Will Continue To Be Choppy For a While

by Guy Cohen 20. February 2018 13:54

Choppy market conditions continue with the market making a decent retracement to the upside, 
but more uncertainty is more likely at this stage.  

So that means don't take anything for granted!  

Lots of stocks to go through, as much for educational purposes as for actual setups, so please make the 
time to watch this video today.  

The main takeaway today is to observe and keep your powder dry for now.  By this I don't mean staring at your screens, but just being aware of the (lack of) setups right now, and knowing that they will come back in due course.  

Many traders don't understand when not to trade, always feeling the need to "do something".  

Well, in our world we specialize in a couple of proven high probability setups, so we keep things simple and stick to them.  

Also, keep your profit targets super conservative, and stick to breakouts for now.  
If you're interested in pre-earnings setups, make them conditional on breakouts too. 

Bye for now ... More soon! 

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