Guy Cohen

Market Pulls Back But Still Very Much Open for Trading

by Guy Cohen 3. February 2018 15:40

You may recall that my outlook for 2018 is that it will be more volatile than 2017, and this past week we've seen an early example of the type of behaviour that I believe will be more common this year.  

By this I mean sharper, more meaningful pullbacks.  

This means we have to use more skill with our trading than last year, but we OVI Traders have ample ammunition to enjoy these market conditions.  

We have the methods and we have the tools as you'll see in today's video.  

In today's video I highlight one particular method of looking for reversals within the context of a resuming trend, and I also revisit my favourite earnings strategy.  

PS.  Also, I'll mention Bitcoin and crypto briefly.  I have funds waiting on the sidelines for an opportune moment, but with crypto, establishing an opportune moment is truly a coin flip. 

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