Guy Cohen

Easy Pickings In Just Minutes

by Guy Cohen 10. January 2018 15:47

This market continues to deliver stellar profits provided you don't impose your news-driven opinion on your trading! 

Every indicator has this market being bullish, so don't try to be too clever.  At some point it will change, but unless you 
get very unlucky it'll just be a matter of being stopped out of a profitable position.  

In today's video I show you how to set up your day and find optimal trades in a matter of minutes.  

It starts by looking at the Dashboard, then the OVI Sentiment, and then picking your favoured strategy to suit the conditions. 

If you're time sensitive just go to your WatchList.  If you have more time then go to the appropriate TradeFinder ... 

The beauty is that this saves you hours of time and anxiety, and puts the odds heavily in your favour.  

Off to Dubai now ... I'll write next from there!

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