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Earnings Around the Corner

by Guy Cohen 4. January 2018 09:24

Happy New Year!  

2018 promises to be a year of large moves, though unlike 2017 where it was all one way traffic, I expect girations in 
both directions.  

As ever though, I will only trade what I see.

Right now that means a continued bias toward bullish setups, but it won't always be like this in 2018.  

The first spate of earnings announcements will be upon us in the next couple of weeks, and so far the market is 
anticipating good news.  

The obvious reason for this is that Trumps tax reforms will impact bottom lines in a positive fashion.  It will be interesting to see how quickly the market adjusts its barometer for these earnings increases.  Logically I would expect them to be factored in by the time we get to April's earnings.  

Before giving you the video link for today's market update, I want to make a few announcements if I may ... 


1.  First, in the coming weeks you will see a marked change to our websites at the pre-login stage.  The post-login transformation will follow in the coming months, with enhanced mobile optimization among other improvements.  

We are doing everything possible to ensure a smooth transition so you can enjoy a better experience, and ultimately better trading, which has meant a deliberate delay, but it's all coming soon.    

2.  We are working very closely with the independent quants to deliver even better trading ... Bear with us on that.  Creating and testing real trading systems is not a 5-minute task and like the website relaunch, if you want to do it properly it can take a bit more time.  

3.  We Need Another Support Team Member!  If you would like to supplement your income and join my support team, please write to with the subject line "New Support Team Member", and we'll certainly consider you.  


Ok, so onto the markets.  


The markets are still in bullish mood so we have to go with that ... And just stick to the obvious setups like the ones that CAT has 
exhibited for several months with a persistent positive OVI.  

In today's video I'm just going to go through bullish setups as found in my watchlists, in FlagTrader and in my Earnings TradeFinder.  You don't need to confuse things ... Just stick to the simple setup that I teach and use my tools to identify them.  

It's that simple.  

Bye for now

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