Guy Cohen

Smell Where The Money is Going In Just a Couple of Clicks

by Guy Cohen 31. October 2017 10:40

Earnings is in full throttle and there have been big winners like AMZN, CAT and MSFT, and big losers like BIDU and CMG.  

As I've mentioned throughout October in videos and webinars, the markets have been very green and there have indeed been good opportunities coming our way. 

Aside from being on the correct side of the markets, don't you just love how uncomplicated our way of trading is?  

- We don't clutter our charts with unprovable squiggles 
- We don't involve ourselves with drama and whether the market should or shouldn't do this or that 
- We do simply focus on our proven technique, and repeat it over and over again.  

In today's OVI Market Update I'm going to use just my OVI WatchLists to identify some interesting setups.  

The process takes just a few minutes.  

Remember, everything I do in this video you can do too ... in just a few clicks.  
This is exactly what you'll learn in my OVI Traders Workshop on 25th November. 

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