Guy Cohen

OVI Market Review - Watch Me Focus on What Statistically Works

by Guy Cohen 16. September 2017 14:09

Following on from a recent webinar where I showed how easy it is to find stocks in minutes, today's video shows how it's done in real time.  

I start with my OVI Sentiment.  
Then I look at the Dashboard 
And finally I take a deeper dive into FlagTrader.  

All that takes a few minutes, and I'm then going to be very fussy about which stocks I actually place trades on.  

Remember, if I don't fancy anything after all that, I don't feel compelled to make a trade.  

Some traders prefer to focus on stocks within their watchlists, and that's fine too.  That's what I do about half of the time.  

In today's video you'll see why I chose to make a deeper search, and how easy it was.

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