Guy Cohen

My Predicted Reversal Happened

by Guy Cohen 23. August 2017 15:27

On Monday morning I said that a reversal was imminent due to Friday's Doji bar.  

The reversal didn't materialize on Monday.  Instead the market produced another Doji bar.  

This simply made the odds of a reversal even higher.  

And the reversal happened on Tuesday.  

reversal email.jpg

This is the sort of occurrence that I place under the definition of Blended Trading.  

On Monday it was clear to me that a reversal was on the cards.  The same still applied on Tuesday after that second Doji bar.  

Blended Trading is where you use my OVI breakout strategies in tandem with my reversal setups.  

It enables you to be fluid with the markets.  Trading with the trend when it's trending, and being aware of potential changes when you see obvious reversal signals.  

Sometimes those reversals will be opportunities in themselves, and sometimes they'll be warning signs.  

Blended Trading is what you will learn at my OVI Traders Workshop on 25th November