Guy Cohen

Critical Market Update

by Guy Cohen 4. August 2017 15:06

We had a full house for our recent OVI Market Review webinar where I review several stocks which took only seconds to find because of our state of the art applications!  If you missed it, be sure to watch the recording.

In this recording, I also covered:   

  • A new improved OVIsi is on its way soon and it's a major improvement 
  • Details on an excellent OVI stock set to explode before its takeover - the cheaters are back in business and 
    our very own OVI Mentor spotted them AHEAD OF TIME! 
  • How the current unusual market anomaly will play out ... 
  • A full OVI market review 
  • How Artificial Intelligence is the natural next step in the OVI's evolution ... and how this will impact YOU!  
Plus, lots of stocks that are looking interesting right now ... and they only took me seconds to find!

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