Guy Cohen

Earnings, HAS, FB, and Support Fixed

by Guy Cohen 29. July 2017 14:44

I will prepare a market video for you in the next couple of days. 

For now I just want to alert you to a few items. 


First, we recently experienced a Support issue where some emails weren't reaching us.  We've figured out exactly why this was happening and have fixed the issue.  

Together with the quality of my trading system, support is of paramount importance to me and my team.  

We're clearing the backlog and thank everyone affected for your patience. 


So far it's been a mixed earnings which I'll cover in my upcoming video.  There have been winners (FB), losers (HAS) and some good volatility plays.  

Remember the pre-earnings strategy is great fun and empirically sound, but it will sometimes take you on a rollercoaster so only do that will a small part of your trading pot. 

More about earnings in the next couple of days.  

Next Webinar: 

This will be on Thursday - please keep an eye out for your invitation.  This will be a crucial session so don't miss it! 

Behind the Scenes

As ever there is a lot of research activity behind the scenes in cooperation with a team of independent quantitative analysts. 

The great eat thing about working with those highly trained professionals is that we know beyond any doubt how powerful the OVI is.  It is without awesome, and the deeper our research goes the more it proves itself as you will soon see. 

There will soon be an enhanced OVIsi which is significantly superior to the current model.  This will filter throughto an enhanced OVIcopilot model. 

As a result of this work we are inching our way to a fund.  

I also hope to be talking about a sector model in due course but like me you'll have to be patient on that! 

So I'm back from various travels and family commitments, and you'll be hearing from me more regularly again! 

Bye for now