Guy Cohen

Thursday Unlikely To Yield Surprise in the UK Election

by Guy Cohen 7. June 2017 13:29

The markets largely consolidated on Wednesday, pending the bigger news day expected on Thursday.  

Thursday's UK election is unlikely to yield any real surprises, with the Conservatives most likely to hold onto power despite a lacklustre campaign.  Any other result would see a plunge in Sterling at the very least.  

What may more likely to freak out the markets is the James Comey testimony, though the broad contents of that have already been revealed.  The likely reaction from Democrats is already factored in.  The more pertinent question for the markets is how will Republicans respond?  I suspect there won't be an awful lot to it even if the testimony is explosive.  

All that said, if the market decides to get in a funk about things or if there's a serious surprise then we'll see whipsaws, but I consider that to be unlikely.  

In the meantime, stay true to our values and rules.  There's no need to change something that ain't broken!  Have your stops in place or at the ready. 

Also in today's video I start to reveal the latest release of our new Watch List functionality.  There are still a few outstanding bits to tidy up and resolve, but we're getting there, and very soon I will hold a live webinar that shows off all of its bells and whistles!


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