Guy Cohen

Get Hooked on the Drama and Fail ... Or 'TWYS' and Succeed

by Guy Cohen 5. June 2017 13:26

A full market review today recapping the stocks from last week and highlighting a few more for this week, of which MNST is 
a potential highlight.  

Today, in the light of what will be a big news week, I want to emphasise another four-letter symbol ... TWYS.  

This of course stands for "TRADE WHAT YOU SEE".  

What it means is that we only spend our time looking for the setups that give us proven increased odds of profitability, and we only trade those setups when they prove to us that they are breaking out.  

From there, we manage those trades according to my proven trading plan.  

The good news is that we only have a handful of setups we would ever consider.  No ifs, no buts and no maybes. 

Every trade is an investment, and therefore each one must prove its worthiness to you.  If it doesn't then move on.  If you missed a few that turned into big winners too bad.  That's part of trading.  You're not going to get them all.  

Trading is a numbers game, and we play it with a particularly effective stacked deck.  You just need the patience to see it through and stick to the rules.  

Many of my long-established members love the repetitiveness of my message as it keeps them on track and saves them from big mistakes.  

This is also what makes us unique in the trading apps and education space.  We stick to what works, we do not jump around to whatever just might be a fashionable technique at the time.  My technique works.  

Finally today ... just to say we'll have further tweaks and improvements to the Watch List area in the coming days, after which I will be holding a live webinar to show you everything.  

Thanks for your patience on that ... you will love the improvements when they arrive!


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