Guy Cohen

Trump's Saudi Deal Could Make Aerospace & Defence Stocks Hot

by Guy Cohen 21. May 2017 09:41

Last time I talked about ignoring the drama of news and the recent Washington hullabaloo! 

Sure enough the S&P rebounded strongly on Thursday and Friday, taking back most of the 'drama-drop'.  

Then on Saturday we see a deal for over $100bn of trade between the US and Saudi Arabia.  Should we ignore that too? 

Not exactly! 

We can use that kind of news to identify potential opportunities in literally a few seconds.  

Here's how ... 

First, we know the main sector who will benefit from this deal ... The aerospace and defence sector. 

Second, we identify potential candidates that may benefit from this deal by filtering for OVI setups within that sector. 

It is mind-bogglingly easy if you have the right tools and correct approach.

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