Guy Cohen

Retail Carnage But OVI Traders Avoid the Drama!

by Guy Cohen 15. May 2017 14:58

Retail stocks had a nightmarish end of week after Macy's produced earnings that the Street didn't care for.  

But that didn't have any effect on OVI Traders, because we obey a law that says "Trade What You See" ... 

And what that means is we only trade when we see a compelling setup with our OVI indicator and the stock price itself. 

Since November that has meant overwhelmingly the Tech sector which I called just after the presidential election, hot on the heals of having made mints from the Financial sector in the months preceding that!  

"Trade What You See" will make you money AND save you money.  

The markets are not for gambling on hunches with, unless you're crazy!  

The markets can serve you wonderfully ... but only if you play the odds.  

And our odds are following the large leveraged investors.  

It works ... so from now on make yourself a promise to stop with the whole Drama thing!

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