Guy Cohen

OVI Full Market Review: OVI vs. Other Methods - see the difference

by Guy Cohen 26. March 2017 15:34

The markets are showing decent setups in both directions.  

In today's OVI market review I highlight several interesting bullish and bearish plays that I found in a matter of a couple 
of mouse clicks. 

You'll see how clean my charts are and how clear my approach is.  


All backed up by independent empirical research that is ongoing in order to give us a clear advantage over other methods.  

Talking of which ... in today's video you can see how others try to bamboozle traders by overcrowding their charts with multiple indicators and lines, all of which contradict each other in the first place.  


And now you can breathe easy again because my way is far easier ... and bluntly, far better.  

All the best

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