Guy Cohen

Mixed But Positive Bias to Earnings Likely

by Guy Cohen 23. January 2017 10:45

We're now into earnings season where the financials took a slight hit after their lengthy bullish run.  

On balance, while were seeing 1-month retracements, it looks like there are many stocks setting up with bullish consolidations in the context of broader reverse head-and-shoulders and positive OVI setups.  

In today's video I show you how easy it is to filter for a persitent OVI (positive or negative) and how to reduce the market from 10,000 stocks to a manageable handful of focused OVI setups in just one click in FlagTrader.  It really is that easy.  

Not only that but we can do exactly the same with options setups as well, combining specific strategy filters with OVI and other technical stock filters in just a couple of clicks.  

Also in today's video is a thorough market review.  Remember it's earnings! 

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