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Guy Cohen

You'll Thank Me For This One Day!

by Guy Cohen 19. December 2016 19:17

You may have seen me on social media bemoaning the ridiculousness of gold bugs and conspiracy theorists who YET AGAIN have got it wrong this year!   

Let's highlight their two big predictions for 2016: 

1.  The would be an almighty market crash ... 
2.  Gold would start an ascent to unprecedented highs.   

With those predictions there will have been thousands of unwitting decent followers being led to an absolute slaughtered by the fact that NEITHER OF THOSE PREDICTIONS CAME CLOSE TO BEING TRUE!  

This is the problem with predictions, and especially the ones founded on lazy assumptions and alluring headline grabs. 

Now consider our approach.  

From around February Gold did indeed present a decent opportunity, with some OVI traders doubling their money on gold stocks between February and August, before exiting as the commodity lost its lustre.  

And then from late summer, the financial stocks went on a big OVI-led run which is only just starting to abate now.  With no leverage this alone has been a 40% run.  

I know it sounds like a broken record player, but trust me, you'll thank me for it one day!  


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