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Guy Cohen

Why Stocks Are The Best Securities To Trade

by Guy Cohen 15. October 2016 12:50

Stocks Are The Best Securities To Trade 

One of the great advantages of using my methods, is that anyone can learn and implement them in very quick time. 

Trading is ultimately a numbers game and you need to have a method that can beat the odds.  

You may wonder why I focus on stocks when so many others are lured to forex.  Well the first reason is that with stocks you can tilt the odds in your favour (as we do in our own unique way) and with forex you cannot.  

More fortunes have been made in stocks than any other financial instrument. This is why the likes of Buffett, Templeton and O'Neil have created their fortunes ... with stocks!  

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Over the years many of my students have originally found me after learning some harsh lessons in forex.  

Forex is a negative sum game 

The fact is that forex inherently gives traders no advantage whatsoever.  There are no obvious footprints to follow. 

Furthermore, for you to make a profit in forex, someone else has to lose.  

No new money and no value is created in the forex market.  In fact, with transaction costs included, forex becomes a negative sum game, meaning the collective wealth of all forex traders must decrease with time.  

Ok, some traders are able to profit consistently, but they tend to: 

(a)  work at the major banks, 
(b)  enjoy the lowest transaction costs; and 
(c)  have access to information quicker than anyone else.  

In conclusion, it is nearly impossible for the little guy to compete in the forex market.  

Trading stocks is a positive sum game 

Shares represent part ownership in a business that exists to create value, make money and grow.  This is why the stock market has a tendency to rise with time and create added value for stock owners.  

No-one has to lose for you to win in the medium term.  When your shares increase in price it's ultimately because the company increased its perceived value over time.  The person who sold the shares to you may have also made a profit.  

Because those with knowledge trade in the stock market, they leave tracks behind that can be followed.  

My methods are designed to find those tracks so we can follow them.

Follow this link for a summary of my method 

My method involves three key parts: 

  • A traditional chart pattern that is known to have favourable statistics (with stocks).  
  • Monitoring who's buying and selling the stock in question or its options 
  • A dynamic yet low risk trading plan. 
To consistently achieve good numbers you need: 
  • A strategy that statistically has the odds in your favour   
  • Proper tools to get the job done quickly and with low risk.
I have all of these working for me, and so can you.  

Follow this link to review the method and how you can make it work for you too.