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Guy Cohen

Friday's Fallout and Trading Takeovers

by Guy Cohen 11. September 2016 12:44

At the end of today's market review video I run through six charts where a persistently positive OVI preceeded a takeover. 

We've seen this happen many times over the years, but it's yet another benefit we see from using the OVI in the way we do. 

So do make sure you do watch this part of the video! 

Friday saw a pretty big downdraft for the indices with only a little bit of warning from the OVI.  This could well be the start of increasing volatility as we emerge from the summer holidays.  

The market is worried about the Fed tightening up its policy which will impact interest rates and QE, but from my point of view this is all speculation.

I will continue to take my cue from the OVI, my favoured setups and my trading plan.  

As such, a day like Friday simply knocks out several already profitable positions, which can't last forever in any case.  

In today's video I go through a number of interesting-looking stocks, bullish and bearish.  You'll also see how to fast-track your filtering for your preferred setups. 

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