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Guy Cohen

The OVI's Remarkable Takeover Record

by Guy Cohen 9. September 2016 15:39

The OVI has a simply AMAZING record when it comes to companies being taken over.  

This phenomenon often dovetails with earnings, for which I have designed pre- and post-earnings strategies to suit all appetites for risk.  

If you remember PCYC from last year, that stock jumped by 69% from the first time I mentioned it to its ultimate acquisition price in March 2015.  

pcyc takeover 2015a.png

But it's 2016 I want to talk about this time.  I'll talk more about this in my next broadcast, but for now, just observe the beauty of these charts from an OVI perspective.  Each one of them has a persistent OVI before their respective takeovers, and each one of them gaps up as a result.  I won't annotate the charts, so you can consider this an exercise in observation until my next broadcast. 

First VA, which formed a cup and handle from January to April and then popped.  

va takeover 2016a.png

Now we'll look at SIX of the top ten takeovers in 2016.  I can't find charts for three of them, so out of the seven others, the OVI was persistently positive for SIX of the stocks that were acquired.  This is extraodinary.  

First STJ, where the OVI became interesting in advance of earnings, also forming a bull flag in April before gapping up to almost $80.  

stj takeover 2016b.png


We talked about LNKD specifically twice before its takeover by MSFT.  

lnkd takeover 2016a.png

Only recently there was MDVN, which has been exploited by several of your fellow OVI traders.  

mdvn takeover 2016a.png

CPGX was a less spectacular gap up, but still it's a decent illustration of the OVI's extraordinary predictive powers.  

cpgx takeover 2016a.png

LLTC isn't a classic in that the OVI gets a bit bumpy right before the takeover, but there's still hardly any red to speak of, and all the meaningful OVI action is in the blue.  

lltc takeover 2016a.png

Lastly for now, there's WWAV, which you can see has an exellent OVI for months prior to its takeover in July this year.  

wwav takeover 2016a.png

With this kind of hit rate, you really cannot ignore the OVI's power and its potential to transform your personal fortune.  

Keep watching my videos and look out for further OVI information soon.  And if you're not already trading with the OVI, think about what you're missing.  

Bye for now