Guy Cohen

Great Setups Around the Corner

by Guy Cohen 26. June 2016 11:51

I mentioned in blogs, videos and Tweets that the Brexit referendum was akin to a market-wide earnings report, and that you should be cautious in the lead up to it.  

That proved to be a decent synopsis of what actually materialized.  Volatility was assured, and volatility is happening!  

So what next? 

Well, there will be a lot of opportunities, that is for sure, and that is the good news.  

The market will thrash around here and there while it figures out what is going on, and inevitably there will be great setups over the coming months.  

While I'm concerned about the impact for the UK, I'm very excited about our stock trading prospects.  

We are perfectly positioned for all of this.  

We have strategies for volatility, for earnings, for trends and for reversals. 

Trading with 'guided discretion' is absolutely the way forward. 

Now is the time to start actively observing, waiting to pounce on great setups.  

Earnings is only three weeks away ... that's the starting gun.  In the meantime, make sure you review your favourite stocks on a daily basis, and wait for the great setups to emerge.  

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