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Guy Cohen

Flag-Trader Finds Gems even in this crazy market

by Guy Cohen 11. October 2008 21:41
In this article I'm going to follow up with the great flag patterns made by ALOG and HIG. I'm also going to show you a trade from one of our Flag-Trader students who did well to trade ANF recently, but could have done even better if he'd stuck to the trading plan that I taught you in the CD-ROMs! ... [More]
Guy Cohen

Flag-Trader Special Broadcast

by Guy Cohen 9. October 2008 21:44
Hi Everyone. In this blog-mail I’m going to talk about the state of the market from a Flag-Trader perspective, anecdotes of two friends who made the mistake of not trading like us, a couple of decent looking flags that have shown up despite the current messy market conditions, and a great trad... [More]
Guy Cohen

How to Use Flag-Trader's TradeFinder

by Guy Cohen 1. October 2008 22:00
This video is from the TradeFinder page, and shows how to use Flag-Trader's TradeFinder application which helps us find great flag patterns for fantastic profits.
Guy Cohen

Patience is the Key for Flag-Traders

by Guy Cohen 1. October 2008 21:49
The Good-looking Flags Will Return! Here's the understatement of the year … you may have noticed that the markets have been somewhat volatile in the last couple of weeks. You may also have noticed that I wrote a blog on 8 March this year entitled "More about flags and prognosis for 2008", w... [More]
Guy Cohen

Options still pricey … Flags still good

by Guy Cohen 29. July 2008 22:03
Hi Everyone. Just a quick note to say that straddles are looking a bit on the pricey side again this earnings season, so it's a good idea to stick to what we know works nearly all the time … ie just trade the flag patterns long and short as in all the Flag blogs here. Flags work best when we... [More]