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Guy Cohen

Using Flag-Trader Filters on TradeFinder

by Guy Cohen 22. October 2008 08:45
In this video blog Guy shows you how to use the filters in the Flag-Trader TradeFinder area in order to trim down the number of stocks being selected. On the date of recording, October 22nd, 2008, the markets are in the aftermath of one of the biggest crashes since 1929.  The markets will be tr... [More]
Guy Cohen

Improved Flag-Trader Charting Coming Soon

by Guy Cohen 21. October 2008 22:54
Here's a quick update on the markets and some great news about a better charting service we've found for you! First, the markets. I really get a sense of the markets calming down, and trading more technically.  That's great news for us, and remember, it doesn't matter if the markets go up or d... [More]
Guy Cohen

1929, 1974, 1987, 2008 ... Technical Trading Always Comes Back

by Guy Cohen 12. October 2008 21:35
In this alert I'll be commenting on the current market conditions and how we Flag-Traders should approach the markets. I'll also be outlining the latest improvements to the site tools. Flag-Trader Site Upgrades We're deploying a new release of the site this weekend whereupon UK stocks will be ma... [More]
Guy Cohen

Flag-Trader Finds Gems even in this crazy market

by Guy Cohen 11. October 2008 21:41
In this article I'm going to follow up with the great flag patterns made by ALOG and HIG. I'm also going to show you a trade from one of our Flag-Trader students who did well to trade ANF recently, but could have done even better if he'd stuck to the trading plan that I taught you in the CD-ROMs! ... [More]
Guy Cohen

Flag-Trader Special Broadcast

by Guy Cohen 9. October 2008 21:44
Hi Everyone. In this blog-mail I’m going to talk about the state of the market from a Flag-Trader perspective, anecdotes of two friends who made the mistake of not trading like us, a couple of decent looking flags that have shown up despite the current messy market conditions, and a great trad... [More]