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Guy Cohen

Guy's TC2000 Settings

by Guy Cohen 12. December 2008 22:26
Hi Everyone In this Alert I’m going to show you how to input some basic settings into the TC2000 charting software application, which you can trial here for free. If you haven’t already done so, you should also view my video on TC2000.   Here’s a simple chart with nothing ... [More]
Guy Cohen

Taking Early Profits in Wild Market Conditions

by Guy Cohen 4. December 2008 13:28
Hi Everyone In this video I go through a trade that Gordon, on of our newest students, highlighted to me, where he’s made a great trade and taken an early profit.  In these crazy market conditions, it’s a good idea to take your first profit before the ½ 1:1 area because the... [More]
Guy Cohen

Import your Flag-Trader list into TC2000 Watchlist

by Guy Cohen 4. December 2008 11:27
Hi Everyone In this video I explain how you can import a list from Flag-Trader’s TradeFinder directly into the TC2000 charting software package, where you can then view the charts super fast.   This helps you to become more discerning because you’re being more efficient.  TC2... [More]
Guy Cohen

Flag-Trading with IG Index

by Guy Cohen 24. November 2008 11:04
Hi Everyone In this video I take you through a flag trade using the IG Index spread betting platform, which many of you are using to make great profits with the Flag-Trader method.   At this time the spread-betting companies do not allow for stop-limit orders to enter trades – this mean... [More]
Guy Cohen

Trading Stocks with OptionsXpress

by Guy Cohen 18. November 2008 10:46
  Hi Everyone This is a video explaining how to trade stocks the Flag-Trader way with OptionsXpress brokers.  (if you're in the UK you can also spread-bet the Flag-Trader way with IG Index) When we place our orders, we want to try to ensure we enter at the right price, have our stop los... [More]

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