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Guy Cohen

Trade What You See

by Guy Cohen 15. April 2009 20:54
Hi Everyone We're right in the middle of earnings season and I'm being asked where the markets are headed. As usual, my reply is "Trade what you see, and don't try to play the soothsayer". Remember Warren Buffett's immortal quote: "Forecasting tells you much about the forecaster, but nothing abou... [More]
Guy Cohen

Protect Your Profits In Case of a Reversal

by Guy Cohen 19. March 2009 20:57
Hi Everyone In this alert I want to briefly talk about how to protect your profits. When we look at the major indices we can see that either we're about to reverse, or we're about to form a bull flag before resuming this big up move. Remember, we don't predict, we simply let the charts guide us. ... [More]
Guy Cohen

New Flag Filters

by Guy Cohen 8. March 2009 20:59
Hi Everyone I hope you’ve had a great couple of weeks while the markets have burst through the recent beautiful bear flags.  I’ve received emails from Flag-Trader students who have DOUBLED their accounts during this last 10 traded days, so congratulations if you’ve taken adva... [More]
Guy Cohen

Improved TeleChart Watchlist import

by Guy Cohen 20. February 2009 21:31
This Article will show you how to import a list from Flag-Trader’s TradeFinder directly into the TC2000 charting software package, where you can then view the charts super fast.  This helps you to become more discerning because you're being more efficient.  TC2000 is very reasonable ... [More]
Guy Cohen

Where is the Market Going?

by Guy Cohen 11. February 2009 21:41
Hi Everyone After today's savage move down, the big question is where is the market going?  This will have a bearing on whether we focus on bull flags or bear flags. From a news point of view ... who knows!  As Flag-Traders we like to stay out of news-driven markets, but we have to wait ... [More]