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Guy Cohen

My New Market Indicator - The OVI Index

by Guy Cohen 23. September 2009 21:14
Hi Everyone  If you've been trading what you see, you'll have been trading bull flags recently.   However, last night's action was pretty severe to the downside with a 20 point drop in the last hour.  Do be careful as significant market action often occurs during the last hour of tr... [More]
Guy Cohen

Are the Markets about to Roll Over?

by Guy Cohen 12. August 2009 21:20
Hi Everyone Many apologies for the radio silence.  I do have a good excuse which I'll tell you about a bit later in this message. In the meantime we need to look at the major charts and see what’s happening. First, let’s look the S&P 500: About 2 weeks ago we had a nice bull... [More]