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Guy Cohen

How the Pros Suckered the Amateurs in Last Friday's Lunch Hour!

by Guy Cohen 16. June 2017 11:06
No video today, but today’s piece is super important! Last Friday (June 9th) the Nasdaq fell by almost 4% at its lowest, and closed over 2½% down on the day. But what’s really interesting about it was that the serious downdraft only started after 12pm! Observe the c... [More]
Guy Cohen

Nasdaq Profit Taking and UK Uncertainty

by Guy Cohen 11. June 2017 10:22
A big news day on Friday with the UK election results and the Nasdaq/Tech bubble popping just as east coast traders were going to their lunch breaks!  The UK election did indeed spring a surprise, which somewhat contradicted my email from Wednesday night ("Thursday's UK election ... [More]
Guy Cohen

Thursday Unlikely To Yield Surprise in the UK Election

by Guy Cohen 7. June 2017 13:29
The markets largely consolidated on Wednesday, pending the bigger news day expected on Thursday.  Thursday's UK election is unlikely to yield any real surprises, with the Conservatives most likely to hold onto power despite a lacklustre campaign.  Any other result would see a plunge in Ste... [More]
Guy Cohen

Get Hooked on the Drama and Fail ... Or 'TWYS' and Succeed

by Guy Cohen 5. June 2017 13:26
A full market review today recapping the stocks from last week and highlighting a few more for this week, of which MNST is a potential highlight.  Today, in the light of what will be a big news week, I want to emphasise another four-letter symbol ... TWYS.  This of cour... [More]
Guy Cohen

The Power of Combining the OVI With Certain Chart Setups

by Guy Cohen 1. June 2017 13:23
A while ago I mentioned the weakness of the financial sector owing to an evolving head and shoulders pattern.  This is now coming to pass with the likes of BAC, GS, JPM, MS and others nearing or breaking their neckline breakdown levels. Typically with a head and sh... [More]