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Guy Cohen

Uncertainty With Opportunity as Earnings Looms

by Guy Cohen 29. June 2017 11:13
Earnings is in three weeks' time and uncertainty is what I see.  The outcome of this uncertainty is likely to manifest in volatility and this is where you should focus your efforts for now.  Of course there are some exceptions - there always are.  But think of trad... [More]
Guy Cohen

How to Play the OVI: McDonalds Day By Day

by Guy Cohen 23. June 2017 11:11
McDonalds ... If you like your Big Macs and Quarter Pounders with Cheese (I do but it's a once a year thing for me!) then you'll be delighted with how the stock has performed.  But more importantly, it is one of the OVI stocks I look at on a daily basis, and throughout this ... [More]
Guy Cohen

Volatility is Coming

by Guy Cohen 19. June 2017 11:09
When I say volatility is coming, to be fair, it's already arrived as we saw at the end of the previous week when tech stocks took a hit from which they haven't yet recovered.   As you know, I'm not in the "prediction" business, but I've more often than not been able to sense... [More]
Guy Cohen

How the Pros Suckered the Amateurs in Last Friday's Lunch Hour!

by Guy Cohen 16. June 2017 11:06
No video today, but today’s piece is super important! Last Friday (June 9th) the Nasdaq fell by almost 4% at its lowest, and closed over 2½% down on the day. But what’s really interesting about it was that the serious downdraft only started after 12pm! Observe the c... [More]
Guy Cohen

Nasdaq Profit Taking and UK Uncertainty

by Guy Cohen 11. June 2017 10:22
A big news day on Friday with the UK election results and the Nasdaq/Tech bubble popping just as east coast traders were going to their lunch breaks!  The UK election did indeed spring a surprise, which somewhat contradicted my email from Wednesday night ("Thursday's UK election ... [More]