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Guy Cohen

GLD Bear Flag and GS Bull Flag

by Guy Cohen 27. July 2010 19:33
Hi Everyone  If you were long the indices (and TRADING WHAT YOU SEE!) you'd have been well rewarded as the Dow, S&P and Nasdaq followed through with their respect breakouts, with their respective OVIs all positive now as well.  Now, there are times where I have a strong opinion as to... [More]
Guy Cohen

OVI Market Update 25 July 2010

by Guy Cohen 25. July 2010 19:36
Hi Everyone The constructive price action has continued on the major indices in a minor way, but there is mooted OVI follow through. The OVI is still mildly positive on the QQQQ, and neutral on the S&P.  The respective breakouts in the indices have occurred with unspectacular volume, never... [More]
Guy Cohen

OVI Market Update 21 July 2010

by Guy Cohen 22. July 2010 19:38
Hi Everyone   A Head & Shoulders or a Reverse Head & Shoulders ... That is the question!  Some quite constructive patterns were being formed in the markets but remember, bearish markets can have powerful rallies, which then peter out!  Earnings season is upon us and results... [More]
Guy Cohen

Market Update 9 July 2010

by Guy Cohen 9. July 2010 19:41
Hi Everyone  A nice 5-day swing on the major averages and many leading stocks but on progressively shrinking volume.  The Nasdaq (and GS) OVIs are positive as well, but I'm still of the mind that more lows are to come.    Besides, in order to trade successfully we need to have ... [More]
Guy Cohen

OVI Market Update 7 July 2010

by Guy Cohen 7. July 2010 19:43
Hi Everyone  Just a quick update this time as I'm travelling on business.   We've had an extraordinary record with the OVI showing us the way of the markets well in advance of the big moves that have characterised the last few weeks. The OVI remains negative on the main indices but ... [More]