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Guy Cohen

Earnings - Is This the Calm Before the Storm?

by Guy Cohen 11. July 2017 16:24
Earnings is almost upon us with some of the major financial stocks reporting this week.  As you may have noticed, sometimes I'm very clear about the direction that earnings is likely to take, and sometimes I'm more cautious.  This time is is one for the latter.  Right now the mar... [More]
Guy Cohen

I Said There Would Be Volatility This Earnings ...

by Guy Cohen 29. June 2017 11:19
I mentioned last time that this earnings season is likely to be volatile ... Well here it is, and we haven't even really got started yet! STZ was highlighted in one of my filters, it had earnings today, and it has popped up at the open by over $11 so far.   [usercontr... [More]
Guy Cohen

Uncertainty With Opportunity as Earnings Looms

by Guy Cohen 29. June 2017 11:13
Earnings is in three weeks' time and uncertainty is what I see.  The outcome of this uncertainty is likely to manifest in volatility and this is where you should focus your efforts for now.  Of course there are some exceptions - there always are.  But think of trad... [More]
Guy Cohen

How to Play the OVI: McDonalds Day By Day

by Guy Cohen 23. June 2017 11:11
McDonalds ... If you like your Big Macs and Quarter Pounders with Cheese (I do but it's a once a year thing for me!) then you'll be delighted with how the stock has performed.  But more importantly, it is one of the OVI stocks I look at on a daily basis, and throughout this ... [More]
Guy Cohen

Volatility is Coming

by Guy Cohen 19. June 2017 11:09
When I say volatility is coming, to be fair, it's already arrived as we saw at the end of the previous week when tech stocks took a hit from which they haven't yet recovered.   As you know, I'm not in the "prediction" business, but I've more often than not been able to sense... [More]