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Guy Cohen

OVI Update

by Guy Cohen 14. August 2010 19:14
As I've said in the past few months, it's the Nasdaq OVI that is proving to be the most insightful, and therefore the index that I'm paying most attention to. But imagine for one moment if the readings you're currently seeing on the OVI, were in fact published 12 hours before?  Speed is of the... [More]
Guy Cohen

It Wasn't Really "Luck" with Goldman

by Guy Cohen 11. August 2010 19:16
I trust you didn't really think it was "luck" with my Goldman Sachs trade! It was simply good, sound trade management that I took profits as (a) the stock price wobbled during (b) an unconvincing market.  The result was that I took away a profit.  Had I hung on, I'd be staring at a loss -... [More]
Guy Cohen

It Looks Like a Cup and Handle but ...

by Guy Cohen 10. August 2010 19:19
Well the major indices were looking poised again for another breakout but this morning we're down.  Fortunately for us breakout traders, no breakout means no losses. S&P OVI I have to say the cup and handle we've seen on the S&P wasn't greatly convincing.  We're at the tail e... [More]
Guy Cohen

GS Goes!

by Guy Cohen 4. August 2010 19:21
Hi Everyone  GS continues with its breakout to the upside - Remember, I highlighted this last Tuesday (27th July).  It was forming a Bull Flag / Pennant at the time and it broke out on Thursday.  It then consolidated for a few days before making another decisive breakout today.  ... [More]
Guy Cohen

GLD Email Timing

by Guy Cohen 28. July 2010 19:26
Hi Everyone  Please watch the short video here.   Yesterday I sent you an email which included analysis about the GLD Bear Flag, which subsequently broke down beautifully in our favour.   Unfortunately some folks didn't receive the email on time, which is a shame as they could have... [More]