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Guy Cohen

No Surprises With This Market Action

by Guy Cohen 7. May 2010 17:35
Hi Everyone  I really hope you paid attention to my blogs last week.  If you did, you'd be in great shape this week.  Let me emphasise one thing.  There is absolutely no surprise to me about what's happened this week.   The chart patterns last week AND the OVI on the S&am... [More]
Guy Cohen

There WAS Volatility Around the Corner!

by Guy Cohen 29. April 2010 17:38
I know I don't email and blog that much, and that's because I only want to contact you when there's something important to say. If you read my email from 26 April you would have prepared yourself for the volatility that came the very next day.   Now, we can't always be right about these thing... [More]
Guy Cohen

Volatility Around the Corner?

by Guy Cohen 26. April 2010 17:40
Hi Everyone  By now you know my mantra:    "Trade What You See"  And still what we can see is a rising market with the OVI largely positive.  This generally points to a continued bullish market.   However, there are clouds on the horizon and while I continue to advo... [More]
Guy Cohen

Again! Trade What You See

by Guy Cohen 7. April 2010 17:48
Hi Everyone  Just another reminder of the most important lesson of trading ...   "Trade What You See"  Remember Warren Buffett's quote: "Forecasting tells you a lot about the forecaster but nothing about the future".   So, what can we see right now?  Well the markets are... [More]
Guy Cohen

Trade What You See

by Guy Cohen 10. March 2010 17:53
Hi Everyone, As you must know by now, my trading mantra is: "Trade What You See".  Having an opinion can be very costly in trading and you're always better off not having one!  Just trade what you see. While common sense may suggest the markets should have taken a downturn in thela... [More]