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Guy Cohen

Down We Go ... As Expected

by Guy Cohen 17. May 2011 09:23
Hi Everyone DOWN WE GO AS EXPECTED ... Yesterday we definitively moved down, with leading stocks such as AAPL turning down as expected.    QQQThe QQQ broke below its support of $58 and the OVI has continued into deeper negative territory.      SPYThe SPY hasn... [More]
Guy Cohen

Easy as 10-minutes per day

by Guy Cohen 16. May 2011 11:13
Hi EveryoneYOU CAN MAKE THIS VERY EASY - STICK TO THE OVI AND SUPPORT/RESISTANCE BREAKOUTSWhen you see the charts in this eLetter you're going to like how easy our trading method is.Remember, we trade breakouts of support and resistance from consolidation patterns.  Preferably with the OVI in... [More]
Guy Cohen

Don't Force It ...

by Guy Cohen 9. May 2011 11:13
Hi Everyone   The markets are wobbly right now and it could be a case of "Sell in May and Go Away".  The key to your trading success is don't force a trade when it's simply not there.  There simply aren't many great patterns presenting themselves right now and that's a sign ... [More]
Guy Cohen

No Breakout No Losses

by Guy Cohen 5. May 2011 11:13
Hi Everyone Commodities and commodity stocks have continued to slide, especially Silver after its parabolic run, and the main indices are consolidating.  Many stocks forming Bull Flags have rolled over meaning that our breakout points weren't hit, therefore "no breakout, no losses".  Remem... [More]
Guy Cohen

OVI Market Update

by Guy Cohen 3. May 2011 18:09
Some wobbles in the markets over the last couple of days with Silver in particular taking a pounding, Gold and Oil looking vulnerable too. World events don't seem to have had much effect as we look at the open today.   QQQThe QQQ is down today as we speak but had been forming a cup and hand... [More]