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Guy Cohen

Bulls Hanging Tough, But ...

by Guy Cohen 3. October 2016 11:18
  As I mentioned on Twitter this weekend, the Bulls are hanging tough but make no mistake the Bears are on the increase. What does this mean?  At this point it means we have short-term hedging taking place in the market, and we’ll soon see if that leads to active bearish positi... [More]
Guy Cohen

From Discretionary to Automated

by Guy Cohen 22. July 2016 10:37
A minor down day yesterday.  Earnings is now well under way.  Many stocks are looking good, but there will inevitably be surprises.  MSFT once again performed for us, with OVI traders reporting quick gains for both the straddles and pre-earnings plays.  Bravo! === My P1... [More]
Guy Cohen

Reversals or Bears

by Guy Cohen 21. January 2016 11:19
In this market we're either looking at bearish setups or reversals.  Reversals are very simple to identify, find and trade.  However, in this market you must use a trading plan that will protect your profits quickly because the market can easily snap back the other way.  In my filters... [More]
Guy Cohen

Webinar Recording is Up

by Guy Cohen 16. October 2015 10:26
Wednesday's OVI Review Session is up. During the webinar I highlighted CVX and XOM, which have both broken out.  COP and MSFT are still percolating.  Follow this link for the recording.   There are a couple of installment plans left for my ... [More]
Guy Cohen

OVI Market Review - Monday's Webinar Recording

by Guy Cohen 2. September 2015 15:25
On Monday I suggested to my private members that we had probably not seen the lows from this market.  That could be a matter of days, weeks or months, but it would be unusual for last week's lows not to be seriously tested again.   Then, like clockwork, the market slammed down yesterday, ... [More]