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Guy Cohen

From £5,000 to £19,000 in just one year

by Guy Cohen 28. October 2008 22:32
... "My starting bank was £5,000 and it now stands at £19,000 using just 3% of my capital per trade." "To anyone who is finding it a challenge just keep with it because this has to be the most powerful method I have seen in 20 years and probably one of the most simple." Hi Everyone I... [More]
Guy Cohen

Flag-Trader Proving its Worth Big Time

by Guy Cohen 22. October 2008 22:47
In this bulletin I outline how important it is that you have a facility like Flag-Trader that helps you know when to trade and when not to trade. The patterns are beginning to return - I'm seeing quite a few today even though we're still in earnings season.  In the next few days we'll start se... [More]
Guy Cohen

Improved Flag-Trader Charting Coming Soon

by Guy Cohen 21. October 2008 22:54
Here's a quick update on the markets and some great news about a better charting service we've found for you! First, the markets. I really get a sense of the markets calming down, and trading more technically.  That's great news for us, and remember, it doesn't matter if the markets go up or d... [More]
Guy Cohen

1929, 1974, 1987, 2008 ... Technical Trading Always Comes Back

by Guy Cohen 12. October 2008 21:35
In this alert I'll be commenting on the current market conditions and how we Flag-Traders should approach the markets. I'll also be outlining the latest improvements to the site tools. Flag-Trader Site Upgrades We're deploying a new release of the site this weekend whereupon UK stocks will be ma... [More]
Guy Cohen

Flag-Trader Finds Gems even in this crazy market

by Guy Cohen 11. October 2008 21:41
In this article I'm going to follow up with the great flag patterns made by ALOG and HIG. I'm also going to show you a trade from one of our Flag-Trader students who did well to trade ANF recently, but could have done even better if he'd stuck to the trading plan that I taught you in the CD-ROMs! ... [More]