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Guy Cohen

Cash is King for now

by Guy Cohen 6. June 2011 14:56
Hi EveryoneCash is King for Now in the Stock Market ...  So the market really needs to make up its mind, don't you think?!  Sometimes the market can get a bit like this - churning and churning and then ... BAMMM ... off it goes in one direction.  At these times you must keep watc... [More]
Guy Cohen

Bear Flags

by Guy Cohen 26. May 2011 09:37
Hi Everyone Just a quick post today folks.  I mentioned on my Private Traders Club webinar last night about flags beginning to form, and when you look at the charts today you'll see precisely that happening.  The indices are at it - the QQQ, SPY and DIA are forming bear flags, a... [More]
Guy Cohen

OVI Precedes Market Drop

by Guy Cohen 24. May 2011 22:46
Hi Everyone HOW GOOD IS THE OVI !!!   Well you have to admit, the OVI in combination with consolidation patterns is a pretty easy way to make money!  On Friday night I suggested the markets were looking weak and that when the downturn comes it will have been worth waiting for ... [More]
Guy Cohen

Markets Just Hanging On

by Guy Cohen 21. May 2011 01:54
Hi Everyone MARKETS HANGING IN THERE ...(apologies for those who experienced a data delay yesterday.  I'm assured that was a one-off) Tuesday-Thursday witnessed something of a pullback and then Friday the market sold off again - not drastically, but enough to keep any bullishness in chec... [More]
Guy Cohen

Down We Go ... As Expected

by Guy Cohen 17. May 2011 09:23
Hi Everyone DOWN WE GO AS EXPECTED ... Yesterday we definitively moved down, with leading stocks such as AAPL turning down as expected.    QQQThe QQQ broke below its support of $58 and the OVI has continued into deeper negative territory.      SPYThe SPY hasn... [More]