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Guy Cohen

OVI Update

by Guy Cohen 20. April 2011 21:36
A quick update on yesteday's post. The tech sector has sent the markets soaring.  This, mixed with Standard & Poors downgrading "Uncle Sam" has also led to Gold and Silver continuing their parabolic climbs with no end in sight.  In a sentence, if currencies are so devalued by ... [More]
Guy Cohen

Informed Trader eLetter - OVI Report

by Guy Cohen 19. April 2011 23:41
Hi Everyone  Mixed news is the how this earnings will be remembered.  Some stocks have been flying and others have been hammered!  Let's start with the main indices: SPY (S&P ETF)The SPY is now showing signs of an inverse head and shoulders as shown with the blue dotted ... [More]
Guy Cohen

In the thick of Earnings Season - see AAPL

by Guy Cohen 17. April 2011 10:06
So last week we had GOOG causing shockwaves.  This week it could be AAPL's turn on the 20th.  Now this is one I have mixed feelings about ... here's why: You'd be a brave soul to ever bet against AAPL, but the chart is inescapably bearish and now resting on a key 3-month support l... [More]
Guy Cohen

OVI Charts - QQQQ is now QQQ

by Guy Cohen 30. March 2011 15:08
A quick note to alert you that the QQQQ has gone back to its original symbol of QQQ.  Normally that wouldn't be an issue, but the new symbol needs to be annexed to the old symbol within our OVI charts.  We're working on it and we'll have them attached in the next few days.  Really in... [More]
Guy Cohen

Latest Update from Guy

by Guy Cohen 5. March 2011 23:44
Just a quick message to give you an update on progress.   The Markets  First, just to say the markets are looking increasingly sloppy and the OVI is bumbling just under zero on the S&P and Nasdaq.  Financial stocks are looking weak too.  Support lines are forming and... [More]