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Guy Cohen

OVI Market Update and Java Chart Security PopUp

by Guy Cohen 29. October 2013 15:49
Just a brief note today.  Earnings season is still in full flow and the markets are still bullish, making new highs.  For those who have access to our OVI charts, on some PCs you may see the security warning for the Java OVI charts.  This is quite standard and it is absolutely fine to... [More]
Guy Cohen

AMZN - Should you or shouldn't you?

by Guy Cohen 28. October 2013 16:18
Following its earnings report AMZN has been highlighted as a CoPilot pick and several of you have asked should you or shouldn't you go for it.  The quick answer is it's up to you, but I will give you my take on it.  First, the pre-earnings pattern was great as I'd mentioned in a recent web... [More]
Guy Cohen

OVI Market Update - It Wasn't Exactly A Surprise Was It?!

by Guy Cohen 17. October 2013 19:49
Come on, don't tell me you were surprised that Washington managed a last-gasp agreement to avoid a calamatous default!  As I mentioned last time, the markets wanted to go up and for now they've got their wish.  Now we can get on with earnings season.  Plenty of stocks looking good rig... [More]
Guy Cohen

OVI Update - Market Wants to Rise, But News Will Have a Say

by Guy Cohen 14. October 2013 15:05
The markets want to keep rising, but this pesky government shutdown threat is a dark cloud of uncertainty hovering over right now. Plus the fact that earnings season kicks in this week.  What this means is that we're currently in a news-driven market, which in turn means that technical methods ... [More]
Guy Cohen

Earnings is coming - Reminder of Webinar

by Guy Cohen 9. October 2013 09:34
Follow this Link to Attend My Pre-Earnings Webinar on Thursday 10th October 2013 A cloud of news and imminent earnings season is hanging over the markets right now, making it a bit tricky for breakout trading.  This is normal and we just have to muddle our way through these awkward market cond... [More]