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Guy Cohen

Market Continues its Rise - Resumption or Retracement?

by Guy Cohen 12. September 2013 14:22
If ever the words "Trade What You See" had more relevance ... Despite many signs to the contrary the past two weeks have seen an impressive rally (or retracement), with many leading stocks reaching new highs, and many OVI readings surging into positive territory.  That doesn't necessarily mean ... [More]
Guy Cohen

OVI Market Commentary - Brutal Day in the Markets

by Guy Cohen 16. August 2013 11:24
A brutal day in the markets triggering many people's stops and signalling an abrupt end to the recent bull run. This particular chop has the feel of being short and sharp, but may indeed herald a more pronounced retreat from the new highs recently formed. If you've found yourself on the wr... [More]
Guy Cohen

OVI Market Commentary - Back By Popular Demand

by Guy Cohen 14. August 2013 08:21
A few of my members have quite rightly slapped my wrists for not being active on the market commentaries for a while.  This is something I intend to resolve with regular updates by emails, video or webinars. Having reached new highs the indices do look a bit 'toppy' right now, but as ever ... [More]
Guy Cohen

OViCoPilot - Fills and Spills

by Guy Cohen 24. July 2013 11:28
The OViCoPilot is finding trades, and hopefully it will continue the impressive stats for 2013 and the last five years.  For me this is a long term thing and the CoPilot is ultimately built for my own comfort level.  This email concerns the fact that several of us are getting different fil... [More]