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Guy Cohen

Earnings is coming - Reminder of Webinar

by Guy Cohen 9. October 2013 09:34
Follow this Link to Attend My Pre-Earnings Webinar on Thursday 10th October 2013 A cloud of news and imminent earnings season is hanging over the markets right now, making it a bit tricky for breakout trading.  This is normal and we just have to muddle our way through these awkward market cond... [More]
Guy Cohen

OVI Market Update

by Guy Cohen 2. October 2013 14:42
A slight bounce yesterday, here are a few stocks to look at.  CVXDouble Doji with a positively spiking OVI.  The overall pattern is rather negative but CVX does tend to respond well to positive OVI readings.  AMZNPoised for another breakout.  BAHolding up well all things consider... [More]
Guy Cohen

OVI Commentary - Government shutdown makes its mark

by Guy Cohen 1. October 2013 19:50
Quite how a western government system can be allowed to "shut down" is quite beyond me, but I guess it makes life interesting.  Unfortunately it can also wreak havoc with otherwise sound open positions that then get whipsawed and stopped out.  Such are the vagueries of politics' impact on ... [More]
Guy Cohen

OVI CoPilot Members: Trades that have already broken out

by Guy Cohen 27. September 2013 11:09
ADSK is highlighted today on the CoPilot and I have mixed feelings about it.  Yesterday during my OVI Traders Club Meeting I picked it as a flag from my own personal flag filters.  Overall I liked it except for those horrible long-tailed bars on August 23rd and May 17th, which can be so da... [More]
Guy Cohen

Goodbye Blackberry and OVI Market Update

by Guy Cohen 26. September 2013 20:37
ByeBye BlackberryFrom a peak of $148.13 in 2008 it's been downhill all the way for BBRY (formerly RIMM) as a publicly quoted stock.  Personally, many of us will be sorry to see it go as it gave us some huge profits in 2011 and 2012, but it does go to show the fragility of tech companies, even w... [More]