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Guy Cohen

My Predicted Reversal Happened

by Guy Cohen 23. August 2017 15:27
On Monday morning I said that a reversal was imminent due to Friday's Doji bar.  The reversal didn't materialize on Monday.  Instead the market produced another Doji bar.  This simply made the odds of a reversal even higher.  And the reversal happened on Tuesday.  This is th... [More]
Guy Cohen

Markets Chopping - But My Watch Lists Yield Great Setups

by Guy Cohen 11. August 2017 15:15
If you attended last November's OVI Traders Workshop, be alert for a webinar invite from me, as I'm holding the next Mastermind Session on Tuesday August 15th at 12pm EST (5pm UK).  The markets getting somewhat choppy right now, so this is NOT a time for over confidence!  I did mentio... [More]
Guy Cohen

Webinar Replay 26th November

by Guy Cohen 27. November 2014 12:31
Just two days until my OVI Traders Live Workshop on Saturday!  Last night we had a great webinar where we covered current market conditions, new opportunities and how to make the most of our wonderful new tools in the OVI Traders Club, FlagTrader and the soon-to-come OptionEasy.  There's s... [More]
Guy Cohen

"Why isn't Ford doing what it's supposed to be doing?"

by Guy Cohen 3. November 2013 17:30
I received an email this morning from my most awkward student ... I mean this guy is seriously awkward!  Just kidding - he actually suggested that I start off this email by labelling him that way so I'm calling his bluff.  Anyway, this is what he wrote in his email:  Morning Guy, I&... [More]
Guy Cohen

OVI Update - Market Wants to Rise, But News Will Have a Say

by Guy Cohen 14. October 2013 15:05
The markets want to keep rising, but this pesky government shutdown threat is a dark cloud of uncertainty hovering over right now. Plus the fact that earnings season kicks in this week.  What this means is that we're currently in a news-driven market, which in turn means that technical methods ... [More]