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Guy Cohen

No Breakout No Losses

by Guy Cohen 27. April 2012 03:52
I mentioned last time that the S&P was forming a potential a bear flag.  The very next day the market slid further but did not break the support formed by the low on 10th April.  Our trading plan relies on breaks of suppot and resistance adn therefore no trade would have been triggered... [More]
Guy Cohen

S&P Threatening a Bear Flag

by Guy Cohen 23. April 2012 00:23
The S&P has had a negative OVI for all but two days in April, and while it isn't hugely negative, at the same time it's now forming an extended bear flag like pattern.  The only reason it's not 100% a bear flag is because we're not in a downtrend.  The financial stocks are looking quit... [More]
Guy Cohen

Trendline and OVI Dovetail Together

by Guy Cohen 17. April 2012 07:24
I don't think anyone has been particularly surprised at the market's current retracement.  After all, the S&P's OVI turned negative two weeks ago and has stayed negative since.  Yesterday was AAPL's turn to finally capitulate with the OVI.  But in the wake of analysts talking up a... [More]
Guy Cohen

Anticipate Part II and OVI Dashboard Latest

by Guy Cohen 14. March 2012 12:09
Yesterday I showed you XOM which looked rather bullish even though it hadn't yet broken out of its range.  The reason I highlighted it was to demonstrate the power of the OVI-chart pattern combination to anticipate potential breakouts with zero risk whatsoever.  Since my note the stock has... [More]
Guy Cohen

Quick Update

by Guy Cohen 15. February 2012 10:40
 Well, it's presidential election year and historically these are quite positive for the markets.  So that seems to be the case so far in 2012.  Looking at the charts we've made some fantastic OVI/Breakout gains already this year, and the signs look good for more gains to follow. ... [More]