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Guy Cohen

Pretty vs Ugly Charts

by Guy Cohen 25. June 2012 17:58
A quick note today where I want to highlight the difference between a good looking chart and an ugly chart.  To be clear I only go for the pretty ones!  So, what constitutes pretty?    Clear support or resistance.  An absense of long-tailed bars.   We want charts t... [More]
Guy Cohen

Do Not Worry, The Markets Are Choppy

by Guy Cohen 24. June 2012 19:15
Before I start, remember, we have my OVI Traders Club webinar tutorial this week.  It will be recorded, so either be sure to attend or watch the recording.  Here's the link if you haven't registered yet.  Ok, back to some key learning.  Markets either go up, down or sideways. &nb... [More]
Guy Cohen

Quality Not Quantity

by Guy Cohen 20. June 2012 00:57
Quick announcement - some of you may have noticed new improvements to the OVI Traders Club website, which has been keeping me busy.  There are more to come and I'll be reviewing them with you in the next few days.  Now onto the markets ... The market has enjoyed a recovery of sorts ov... [More]
Guy Cohen

OVI Power!

by Guy Cohen 17. May 2012 00:58
I'm sure I don't need to harp on about how good the OVI is ... but seriously ... it is ridiculously good!!   We've known for some time now that the markets weren't happy.  The S&P OVI has been negative for well over a month and key support levels have now been broken.  Even A... [More]
Guy Cohen

Sell in May?

by Guy Cohen 13. May 2012 00:30
Well the charts look bearish, the OVI looks bearish and the count of flags looks bearish.  On the other hand the S&P is sitting at a key support level that could bounce back up.  My hunch right now is that a break of support is likely, but for how long I'm unsure.  This is why we ... [More]