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Guy Cohen

Market Update 22 February 2010

by Guy Cohen 22. February 2010 18:11
Hi Everyone  Last week's Jobless Claims and PPI (inflation) figures came and went without too much fuss, with the markets trundling upwards but with low volume.    What's interesting is that the OVI for both the S&P and the Dow is subdued, despite the steep upward retracement of... [More]
Guy Cohen

Why We Only Trade Breakouts

by Guy Cohen 12. February 2010 18:14
Hi Everyone The markets came roaring back on Thursday albeit on moribund volume.  Remember though, one swallow doesn't make a summer.  Are we headed for new highs or is this part of the inevitable retracement of January's sharp decline?  As I mentioned yesterday, for now I believe ... [More]
Guy Cohen

More Sideways Action Required

by Guy Cohen 11. February 2010 18:17
Hi Everyone  More sloppy action in the markets yesterday - 3 of the last 4 bars in the S&P and Nasdaq have been doji-like with wide ranges and the open and the close near to each other. This signifies indecision and no clear direction in the very short term for the major indices.  Th... [More]
Guy Cohen

Market Update - 9th February 2010

by Guy Cohen 9. February 2010 18:19
Hi Everyone Very weak action yesterday - with the main indices only poking through Friday's high temporarily before slumping again.  This is bearish, but still don't be surprised if we see some sideways action. The OVI Index (under the Volume Bars) is unsurprisingly still negative on all thre... [More]
Guy Cohen

Urgent Market Update - 5th February 2010

by Guy Cohen 7. February 2010 18:22
Hi Everyone, Friday's afternoon session saw a massive rally on the indices and across the board.  By some luck as well as judgement (I was a bit wary about the impact of the Employment Report so thought best to take profits) I closed all my positions at about 2.20pm EST (7.20pm UK time just be... [More]