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Guy Cohen

OVI Market Update 7 July 2010

by Guy Cohen 7. July 2010 19:43
Hi Everyone  Just a quick update this time as I'm travelling on business.   We've had an extraordinary record with the OVI showing us the way of the markets well in advance of the big moves that have characterised the last few weeks. The OVI remains negative on the main indices but ... [More]
Guy Cohen

Market Update 30 June 2010

by Guy Cohen 30. June 2010 19:44
Hi Everyone  Well, as I wrote before yesterday's action, and as I discussed in my Private Traders Club Members webinar, this is a bearish market, and Tuesday's breakdown was no surprise except insofar as how quickly it happened.  One more consolidation day would have been ideal but hey, w... [More]
Guy Cohen

Market Update 29 June 2010

by Guy Cohen 29. June 2010 19:47
Hi Everyone  No upside follow-through from Friday's Doji bar on the main indices, and no upside follow-through from GS either.  From a trading standpoint that's fine as none of our breakout points were taken out anyway, so it's a case of no entry, no losses.  It's one of the great a... [More]
Guy Cohen

Market Update 25 June 2010

by Guy Cohen 28. June 2010 19:50
Hi Everyone  Do not be surprised if we have a short term upward reversal this coming week.   The S&P and Dow both exhibited doji bars on their cash indices and their ETFs on Friday.  The Nasdaq index did likewise while the QQQQ didn't.  GS had a great day on Friday with the... [More]
Guy Cohen

OVI Update 22 June 2010

by Guy Cohen 23. June 2010 16:31
Hi Everyone  Once in a while the markets give us what most traders fear the most ... the dreaded outside bar!  An outside bar occurs where today's high is higher than the previous day's (or days') high, and Monday's low was lower than the previous day's (or days') low.   In practica... [More]