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Guy Cohen

Market Update 10 June 2010

by Guy Cohen 10. June 2010 23:22
Hi Everyone The major indices tried to get going positively today and got pegged back.  Here is the previous day's OVI chart for the S&P (today's is still being calculated as I write this note): S&P (SPY) OVISimilar to the other indices, the OVI is negative and has been in virtually ... [More]
Guy Cohen

Market Update 25 May 2010

by Guy Cohen 25. May 2010 17:30
Hi Everyone Do not be concerned if you cannot find many or any decent patterns like neat flags right now.   The market is telling you something - that it's temporarily sick, so you're better to be patient, observe and allow the technical patterns to rebuild themselves.   We do not want ... [More]
Guy Cohen

Markets Need Time to Repair

by Guy Cohen 11. May 2010 17:32
Hi Everyone  Just a quick note to comment on the general market action right now.  Yesterday's rebound is a natural reaction and I wouldn't be surprised to see more wild gyrations for a few days.   What's clear is that the markets need a bit of time to settle down, but as we've see... [More]
Guy Cohen

There WAS Volatility Around the Corner!

by Guy Cohen 29. April 2010 17:38
I know I don't email and blog that much, and that's because I only want to contact you when there's something important to say. If you read my email from 26 April you would have prepared yourself for the volatility that came the very next day.   Now, we can't always be right about these thing... [More]
Guy Cohen

Volatility Around the Corner?

by Guy Cohen 26. April 2010 17:40
Hi Everyone  By now you know my mantra:    "Trade What You See"  And still what we can see is a rising market with the OVI largely positive.  This generally points to a continued bullish market.   However, there are clouds on the horizon and while I continue to advo... [More]