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Guy Cohen

A Hatful of Stellar OVI Winners

by Guy Cohen 9. June 2016 09:53
The S&P has drifted to new highs, with the other major indices not far behind.  And yet it's not been carte blanche to easy pickings like you'd get in a typical bull market.  Rather, I would put this in the category of a solid bullish run.  Certainly it's been a surprisingly good ... [More]
Guy Cohen

Railroad Track Highs Suggest Weakness

by Guy Cohen 18. May 2016 09:04
Following on from Monday's video ... The first thing I do every day is look at my watchlists, including the main indices.  What I could see today was a railroad track in the city type of setup ... So the next thing I did was to go to the Reversals TradeFinder in the OVI Traders Club, ... [More]
Guy Cohen

Markets Wavering Post Earnings

by Guy Cohen 16. May 2016 10:53
Getting back to normal soon with my market updates ... As you'll see in today's video, there's been a good reason for the quietness on my part!  But the good news is that we'll be back in the swing of things shortly ... and there's a ton of great new improvements coming your way imminently ... ... [More]
Guy Cohen

Well, That Was Annoying!

by Guy Cohen 5. April 2016 09:36
A slow day yesterday, with a notable exception in VA which is to be acquired by Alaska Air.  Here's the annoying thing ... I was going to show you VA in last week's webinar and in my weekend broadcast, but decided against it due to the inconsistent nature of the other a... [More]
Guy Cohen

Choose Carefully, Earnings is Soon!

by Guy Cohen 3. April 2016 11:43
A good week for the markets as we now start to focus on earnings. Several financial stocks are clustering in a sideways formation, many with constructive OVI readings for several weeks.  We should get more clues this week.  Remember to focus on the most obvious opportunities.  De... [More]