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Guy Cohen

Market Update 16 October 2009

by Guy Cohen 17. October 2009 20:56
Hi Everyone I hope you enjoyed my Rubik Cube video.  If you missed it, just click here to get it. Amazingly this market has kept creeping upwards, though there is a key resistance point around 1120 on the S&P.  This has been another bullish week in the markets, punctuated by the OVI ... [More]
Guy Cohen

My New Market Indicator - The OVI Index

by Guy Cohen 23. September 2009 21:14
Hi Everyone  If you've been trading what you see, you'll have been trading bull flags recently.   However, last night's action was pretty severe to the downside with a 20 point drop in the last hour.  Do be careful as significant market action often occurs during the last hour of tr... [More]
Guy Cohen

Are the Markets about to Roll Over?

by Guy Cohen 12. August 2009 21:20
Hi Everyone Many apologies for the radio silence.  I do have a good excuse which I'll tell you about a bit later in this message. In the meantime we need to look at the major charts and see what’s happening. First, let’s look the S&P 500: About 2 weeks ago we had a nice bull... [More]
Guy Cohen

Earnings Season is Here!

by Guy Cohen 14. July 2009 21:22
Hi Everyone Just a quick note to say be careful right now as we're right into earnings season. Yesterday saw a huge spike up, but with our trading method, we remained safe as our bear flags turned up without breaking through support. Goldman Sachs (GS) is the focus of attention today, but reme... [More]
Guy Cohen

Market Update 7 July 2009

by Guy Cohen 7. July 2009 20:28
Hi Everyone The markets haven't disappointed!  As I mentioned last time, they were more likely to come down and so they have done just that. If we do have a prolonged downtrend, that can only be good for us as there will be some great bear flags for us to trade. What we need to see now is a c... [More]