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Guy Cohen

S&P Bull Flag turns into a Rounded Top

by Guy Cohen 9. December 2011 13:22
S&P bull flag turns into a rounded top in line with the OVI - and The Informed Trader Workshop is Tomorrow! The S&P OVI just couldn't get over par and the bull flag failed.  So as suggested yesterday it's a wait and see.  It's a big weekend for the Eurozone situation and ... [More]
Guy Cohen

Mixed OVI Mirrors Market Indecision

by Guy Cohen 7. December 2011 10:24
Mixed OVI Mirrors Market Indecision - and Just THREE Days until the Informed Trader Workshop! The S&P OVI is still under par, though the index is potentially forming a bull flag pattern as we speak.  AAPL is also potentially forming a bull flag (needs another day to confirm the pa... [More]
Guy Cohen

Just 4 Days To Go

by Guy Cohen 6. December 2011 10:47
Just four days until my Informed Trader Workshop now - it's the same format as last year so if you don't have plans already, watch what last year's attendees had to say here. of the popularity of our DVD offer for this, there's s... [More]
Guy Cohen

Doors Now Open for the Informed Trader Workshop

by Guy Cohen 31. October 2011 10:53
Hi Everyone  The doors are officially open for my annual "Informed Traders Practical Workshop" on 10th December. As always, it's going to be an fantastic day, and will be focused on our unique tools to find  This is my Christmas Special and it's only available for a short time.&... [More]