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Guy Cohen

Bulls Hanging Tough, But ...

by Guy Cohen 3. October 2016 11:18
  As I mentioned on Twitter this weekend, the Bulls are hanging tough but make no mistake the Bears are on the increase. What does this mean?  At this point it means we have short-term hedging taking place in the market, and we’ll soon see if that leads to active bearish positi... [More]
Guy Cohen

OVI Update - Market Wants to Rise, But News Will Have a Say

by Guy Cohen 14. October 2013 15:05
The markets want to keep rising, but this pesky government shutdown threat is a dark cloud of uncertainty hovering over right now. Plus the fact that earnings season kicks in this week.  What this means is that we're currently in a news-driven market, which in turn means that technical methods ... [More]
Guy Cohen

Google, GS, Earnings Season and a Short Video

by Guy Cohen 21. October 2012 09:21
Google, GS, Earnings and Why My Students SucceedMy trading plan gives you both safety and the ability to make windfalls.  The plan has been honed after years of experience and research.  GOOG's shenanigans last week only serve to emphasise the wisdom and effectiveness of what we do. &... [More]
Guy Cohen

How Fussy would you be if you could only make six trades in a year?!

by Guy Cohen 1. May 2012 23:28
Hi Everyone It was great to meet some familiar and some new faces at the Dan Zanger workshop in Los Angeles on Saturday.  Since then I've hopped from West to East, spending a few days in Caribbean before it's back to work in New York next week.  For those who didn't and couldn't make ... [More]
Guy Cohen

Workshop DVDs almost ready

by Guy Cohen 19. December 2011 13:35
The workshop DVDs have been edited and will be available for viewing online in the next couple of days for those who've bought.  The physical manuals, DVDs and memory sticks are being shipped by DHL tomorrow.  Regarding bear flags, of those found on Friday, CTRP and STI are breaking d... [More]