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Guy Cohen

Filtering Trades and Java Charts

by Guy Cohen 3. August 2015 13:08
While I'm still cautious about these sloppy markets, in today's video I start with some selections from FlagTrader using my 2-month trend in combination with basic OVI filters. There have been a number of those excellent post-earnings gap-ups, so with some time with the OVI in persistent positi... [More]
Guy Cohen

Choppy Earnings Safely Negotiated

by Guy Cohen 27. July 2015 20:48
Last week I said it was best to remain cautious throughout this earnings period, and that guidance has certainly provided value this week.  The markets will come back to be more constructive in due course, but while they're chopping around like this it's smart to do more observing than trying t... [More]
Guy Cohen

In the Thick of Earnings

by Guy Cohen 20. July 2015 11:13
We're right in the thick of earnings and the markets have been surprisingly resilient.  Our long-term stocks have continued to shine (DIS, NKE and SBUX among others).  The financials have bounced back, mirroring their longer-term OVI readings.  Our bear flags from last week have gener... [More]
Guy Cohen

Elusive Markets, Earnings and Euro-uncertainty

by Guy Cohen 12. July 2015 19:42
Aside from the odd play the markets are continuing to be elusive, so we now see if earnings will provide a catalyst to more technical types of movements.  Ultimately we look for recognisable setups so we can navigate our trades in order to limit risk.  Choppy markets make this more challen... [More]
Guy Cohen

Earnings, Grexit, and Bear Flags

by Guy Cohen 6. July 2015 08:58
I hope you enjoyed the 4th July holidays which came just before Greece has voted to exit the Euro and default on its debt.  Most commentators agree this is the most pragmatic solution for Greece, and with it will come a degree of uncertainty.  So how will the market take the news?  We... [More]