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Guy Cohen

Turnaround Trader Urgent Video Bulletin

by Guy Cohen 26. October 2011 21:18
I've prepared a very short video that explains how we find our Dojis and price extremes, when you trade them and when you move to the next opportunity.   Basically the TradeFinder is identifying Doji bars today combined with 20-day price extremes (highs or lows) within the last two days.  ... [More]
Guy Cohen

Doji City

by Guy Cohen 25. October 2010 22:50
Hi Everyone Over the weekend I said the markets were likely to rise today and luckily for me they obliged.   However, the Nasdaq and S&P are both displaying Doji bars today after breaking into their 6-month highs.   I'm seeing the charts getting a little messier, and these Dojis cou... [More]
Guy Cohen

Stop Limits, The Markets

by Guy Cohen 21. October 2010 23:25
Market Action:  I don't like today's action which looks very dojo-like on the S&P and Dow which both broke to new highs only to come back into their consolidations - not the decisive type of breakout that I like to see.  The Nasdaq didn't break out to a new high, and we'll have to see... [More]
Guy Cohen

Beware the Doji

by Guy Cohen 22. September 2010 23:40
  Hi Everyone  Just a quick note to say that Doji type long-tailed bars have formed on the Dow, Nasdaq, S&P and a number of leading stocks including AAPL, GS, AMZN and WYNN to name but a few.  The OVIs are still more positive than negative and we'll be watching closely in the ne... [More]
Guy Cohen

Market Update 03 June 2010 - What Next for the Markets?

by Guy Cohen 3. June 2010 17:27
Hi Everyone The markets are still volatile with large daily swings up and down.   The basic patterns remain pretty bearish and the OVI for the S&P and Nasdaq are also negative, while the Dow OVI is around neutral right now. Nasdaq QQQQ Chart: I'm paying a lot of attention to this as... [More]