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Guy Cohen

You Must Take Partial Profits at the P1 Profit Target

by Guy Cohen 6. July 2012 01:25
Hi Everyone A couple of months ago I was privileged to meet two people who have made an phenomenal success from trading with my methods.  By this I mean they had multiplied their account TEN-fold in just three-and-a-half months.  They're a father-son team and they trade together too, both ... [More]
Guy Cohen

S&P Teasing its Support Level

by Guy Cohen 10. May 2012 00:01
The S&P has been traversing sideways for a month or so now ... which just happens to coincide with the OVI being negative during the same time period.  Coincidence?  Come off it!  SPY  Bear flags are setting up with AAP and BAC, while GS broke down today only to form a D... [More]
Guy Cohen

Market Update - Pullbacks

by Guy Cohen 1. March 2012 17:11
Today's theme is Pullbacks - seems to be rather topical I'd say! Gold and Silver pulled back big time yesterday but it shouldn't have been a problem if you use our trendlines to manage your trade.  The good news is that even some of our newer members wrote in to thank me for that exact thi... [More]
Guy Cohen

Turnaround Trader Urgent Video Bulletin

by Guy Cohen 26. October 2011 21:18
I've prepared a very short video that explains how we find our Dojis and price extremes, when you trade them and when you move to the next opportunity.   Basically the TradeFinder is identifying Doji bars today combined with 20-day price extremes (highs or lows) within the last two days.  ... [More]
Guy Cohen

Doji City

by Guy Cohen 25. October 2010 22:50
Hi Everyone Over the weekend I said the markets were likely to rise today and luckily for me they obliged.   However, the Nasdaq and S&P are both displaying Doji bars today after breaking into their 6-month highs.   I'm seeing the charts getting a little messier, and these Dojis cou... [More]