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Guy Cohen

Full Market Review and Two Tweets

by Guy Cohen 26. April 2015 19:46
Spectacular earnings for AMZN followed a similar story for NFLX.  Now for the post gap-up consolidation we hope!  Two tweets I made recently have turned up trumps.  The SSYS railroad tracks - check that chart - and BBY has followed through downwards with its h... [More]
Guy Cohen

Full Market Review and Webinar

by Guy Cohen 21. April 2015 08:54
Market Review and Options WebinarWe're in the thick of earnings and the OVIsi is negative, which combination typically leads me to be cautious.  However, below is a full market review in any case.  One or two stocks have surged and are preparing for our gap-up-OVI-bull flag setup. &nb... [More]
Guy Cohen

And Why You Should Follow me on Twitter

by Guy Cohen 19. April 2015 08:16
On Friday morning (9.42am UK time, 4.42am ET, 1.42 PT) I tweeted about SSYS being a good reversal opportunity. Members of my filtering tools would instantly recognise a great railroad track setup.  I filter for railroad track setups every day, and this one was particularly a... [More]
Guy Cohen

Filtering for Great Stocks

by Guy Cohen 12. April 2015 12:23
No change from Thursday, so in today's video I'm showing you how I trim the market down from 10,000 stocks into just a handful for any particular scenario I'm looking to profit from.  It takes literally seconds to do, and I can even save my filters, and load them for the next time I want to use... [More]
Guy Cohen

Waiting for Earnings

by Guy Cohen 10. April 2015 07:58
I mentioned on Wednesday that this was a good time to sit on the sidelines as earnings approaches, and that's still the view.  And like on Wednesday I also show more about implied volatility and how that reacts around earnings, highlighting AMZN's recent behaviour.  In the lead up to ... [More]