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Guy Cohen

Boeing Flies Without Me

by Guy Cohen 31. March 2015 09:22
As intimated in my weekend video there were decent reversal setups for the Dow, S&P and a couple of select stocks yesterday like BA ... if only I were on them!  At least with our techniques I was able to highlight them for you, but it's a case of fortune favouring the brave, and I... [More]
Guy Cohen

Earnings Around the Corner

by Guy Cohen 29. March 2015 19:39
Earnings are around the corner again and the markets have been a bit iffy in any case, so this is a time where your dynamic stops have been activated and you're sitting in cash for the main part ... or at least you should be! In the coming weeks I'll be showing you how to be a bit more proactiv... [More]
Guy Cohen

Sound Fundamentals with Persistent OVI

by Guy Cohen 23. March 2015 10:05
In terms of market commentary I can see some ambiguity in terms of how the markets are shaping up right now, which typically means be picky.  In today's review I'm showing several stocks that have sound fundamentals (via our CAN SLIM LITE filters) and good OVI setups as well.  By reason of... [More]
Guy Cohen

Reversals Upgrade

by Guy Cohen 17. March 2015 10:24
Despite yesterday's rally I'm somewhat lukewarm about this market and want to see more tangible clustering of our favourite setups.  CME did break out nicely yesterday and many stocks did make some mini reversals.  Talking of which, I've deployed an upgrade to both Turnaround Trader a... [More]
Guy Cohen

Market Rallies But Be Cautious

by Guy Cohen 13. March 2015 09:04
Yesterday the markets rallied, but I'm remaining super picky.  Today's video is a full market review where I cycle through a number of our familiar stocks, and at the end I introduce a few new ones for us to consider moving forward.  Again the message today is be cautious.  That means... [More]