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Guy Cohen

Be patient for the high probability setups

by Guy Cohen 13. September 2015 19:25
The markets are bruised right now, and as I mentioned last week, I anticipate more uncertainty moving forward. It's so important to be patient as a trader.  It's much like hunting.  You can get involved all the time if you like, but it's likely to leave you tired and hungry.  Whe... [More]
Guy Cohen

Holidays Over, Volatility Unlikely to be Over

by Guy Cohen 7. September 2015 15:13
As I've mentioned recently I doubt very much the drama is over in these markets, and believe the recent lows - or at least the recent low closing prices - will be under threat again in the coming weeks or months, if not sooner. Let's see how things shake out during the next few days.  In t... [More]
Guy Cohen

OVI Market Review - Monday's Webinar Recording

by Guy Cohen 2. September 2015 15:25
On Monday I suggested to my private members that we had probably not seen the lows from this market.  That could be a matter of days, weeks or months, but it would be unusual for last week's lows not to be seriously tested again.   Then, like clockwork, the market slammed down yesterday, ... [More]
Guy Cohen

The Three Factors That Kept Us Safe

by Guy Cohen 25. August 2015 09:30
More drama in the markets yesterday, and while China continues to contort, other markets are trying to stabilize today.  A quick video today to highlight the three main factors that have kept us OVI traders safe during this extraordinary few days.  1. The OVIsi has been red (bearish) since... [More]
Guy Cohen

Safe from the Bloodbath

by Guy Cohen 23. August 2015 09:38
Not for the first time the OVI Sentiment Indicator has enabled us to avert the worst effects of a nasty market move and keep us safe.  As I mentioned the other day, for months I've been advocating caution, and for weeks the OVIsi has been red.  Of course there have been decent bullish (and... [More]