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Guy Cohen

Pretty vs Ugly Charts

by Guy Cohen 25. June 2012 17:58
A quick note today where I want to highlight the difference between a good looking chart and an ugly chart.  To be clear I only go for the pretty ones!  So, what constitutes pretty?    Clear support or resistance.  An absense of long-tailed bars.   We want charts t... [More]
Guy Cohen

Sell in May?

by Guy Cohen 13. May 2012 00:30
Well the charts look bearish, the OVI looks bearish and the count of flags looks bearish.  On the other hand the S&P is sitting at a key support level that could bounce back up.  My hunch right now is that a break of support is likely, but for how long I'm unsure.  This is why we ... [More]
Guy Cohen

Trendline and OVI Dovetail Together

by Guy Cohen 17. April 2012 07:24
I don't think anyone has been particularly surprised at the market's current retracement.  After all, the S&P's OVI turned negative two weeks ago and has stayed negative since.  Yesterday was AAPL's turn to finally capitulate with the OVI.  But in the wake of analysts talking up a... [More]
Guy Cohen

The OVI Dashboard is Here!

by Guy Cohen 4. April 2012 12:14
Roughly three months after its conception the OVI Dashboard is now ready!  In this message I'm going to give you a summary - there are full instructions within the Dashboard itself.    What is the OVI Dashboard and Whom is it for?  The Dashboard is a simple summary of the mar... [More]
Guy Cohen

Anticipate Part II and OVI Dashboard Latest

by Guy Cohen 14. March 2012 12:09
Yesterday I showed you XOM which looked rather bullish even though it hadn't yet broken out of its range.  The reason I highlighted it was to demonstrate the power of the OVI-chart pattern combination to anticipate potential breakouts with zero risk whatsoever.  Since my note the stock has... [More]