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Guy Cohen

Short Term Bullishness into Earnings

by Guy Cohen 10. July 2016 12:17
Friday's Jobs Report was positive, leading to further short term bullish gains on Friday.  Notwithstanding earnings, the short term outlook remains bullish, but I do see troubles beyond that. For that reason, you must execute my P1 and P2 trading plan to the letter, and do not be too aggre... [More]
Guy Cohen

Volatility is Guaranteed for the Rest of 2016

by Guy Cohen 6. July 2016 14:11
Just a quick market review today.  Earnings starts next week with the markets still reverberating from the Brexit drama.  The shockwaves are likely to unfold over as many months as the uncertainty lasts.  And there's more to come what with the US elections in November, as well as othe... [More]
Guy Cohen

Great Setups Around the Corner

by Guy Cohen 26. June 2016 11:51
I mentioned in blogs, videos and Tweets that the Brexit referendum was akin to a market-wide earnings report, and that you should be cautious in the lead up to it.  That proved to be a decent synopsis of what actually materialized.  Volatility was assured, and volatility is happening! &nbs... [More]
Guy Cohen

Brexit Bulletin

by Guy Cohen 24. June 2016 09:05
The Brexit Leave result will result in more opportunities in the markets, but only if you apply the proper skills to take advantage of the inevitable volatility that will ensue.  This was my Tweet from last week: Personally I was for Remain even if it was against my immediate interests, bu... [More]
Guy Cohen

Why My Brexit Vote May Surprise You

by Guy Cohen 22. June 2016 14:45
First, I’ll put my cards on the table.  I make my living through trading US stocks exclusively in US Dollars, and my software business which is largely in US Dollars.  A Brexit vote will mean a collapse in Sterling.  A collapse in Sterling will mean my US Dollars are worth more ... [More]